Intelligent Motion Control Since 1987


Machines built by PMC customers

Above: Photos of actual machines made by PMC customers.

  • Precision glass cutting CNC machine
  • Semiconductor wafer planarizer/polisher
  • Step and repeat photolithography system

Every day, PMC motion controllers are at work across the globe, providing precise and reliable multi-axis motion control for our customers in the following industries:

Below are some of the hundreds of machinery and instrumentation applications for which PMC motion controllers have been successfully deployed by our customers over the past 35+ years.

Semiconductor Manufacturing
Wafer CMP (chemical-mechanical-planarization & polishing) machines
Multi-million dollar semiconductor reticle inspection systems
Laser & electronic beam wafer mask generation and inspection systems
Wafer etch machinery
Automated wafer metrology systems
Step & repeat photolithography systems
MEMS process equipment and advanced semiconductor photolithography systems
Semiconductor CVD (chemical vapor deposition) systems
Optical positioning equipment for microlithography, metrology, laser processing

Electronics Assembly
High-resolution PCB inspection systems
High-speed passive component (chip) testers
Pick & place die-bonding and chip packaging equipment
Pick & place SMT mounting & inspection systems
PCB exposure & bare board test systems
Laser & electronic beam PCB mask generation and inspection systems
Pick & place machinery for electronic circuit assembly and inspection
Disk drive component assembly & testing instruments
Electronic component packaging systems
Disk drive manufacturing

Test & Measurement
Scanning and tunneling electron microscopes
Non-contact surface metrology instruments
CMM - coordinate measuring machines
Non-Contact thickness measurement systems
Automated microscopic scanning and inspection systems
Laser based measurement systems
Video metrology systems
Digital volumetric 3D microimager systems
Nanoindentation semiconductor wafer surface testing instruments
Laser interferometric image processing, non-destructive testing & analysis
Scanner robots for non-destructive probing and testing of nuclear reactors
Infrared spectrometer
Miniature actuator controls for electro-optical and laser research
Photogrammetric scanners
Nano- and micro-scale material testing systems

Automated fiber optic component assembly equipment
Specialized communications equipment for military and intelligence applications
Cellular telephone manufacturing equipment

Medical & Laboratory Automation
High-resolution slide-scanner for automated tissue biopsy analysis
NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) system for high-volume blood testing & diagnostics
Systems for drug discovery and development
Gene-based testing system for screening and diagnosis of human diseases
Animated head and torso simulator for emergency medical training
Computer guided laser system for corrective vision surgery
Medical diagnostic imaging systems

Basic Research
Multi-magnet beam steering system for nuclear particle accelerator
Telescope and antenna positioning systems for astronomical research
Underwater remotely operated vehicle (ROV)
Antenna, optical and sensor positioning systems and components
Wind tunnel control system for aerospace and defense research
Acoustical instrumentation for space research

Printing Industry
Electro-opto-mechanical system for the offset printing industry
High-volume paper processing and handling machinery
Paper slitters for large commercial offset printing presses
Mail handling and sorting equipment
Automated screen printing presses
Prepress system for commercial printers

Machine Tool Industry
Industrial waterjet cutting machines
Glass cutting systems for architectural applications
Precision CNC grinders
Flat-bed cutters/samplemakers for corrugated paper products
Industrial tube benders
Solid state laser micro-welding systems
CNC routers and engravers

General Automation & Robotics
Laser welding systems
Rapid prototyping machines
X-ray inspection & analysis machinery
Formula-1® racing simulators
Measuring instrument for online process monitoring
Industrial machine vision automated guidance and inspection systems
Machinery for photographic film manufacture
Appliance testing systems
Mechanized welding robots
Packaging machines for the pharmaceutical industry
X-Y tables and plotters for cutting patterns in sheet material (vinyl, glass, leather)
Optical grating component and spectrometer module manufacturing machinery
UV laser micro-machining systems
Intelligent welding and robotic control systems