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Pick and place chip mounter and through-hole assembly machine
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High-performance, low-cost 4, 8 and 12 axis servo/stepper controller

The MultiFlex Ethernet motion controller is an Ethernet/stand-alone servo and stepper motion control card designed to offer OEM machine builders unprecedented power and flexibility in an exceptionally compact, cost-effective package. More

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Version 4 of the Motion Control API is now available!

PMC has released the latest version of the Motion Control Application Programming Interface (MCAPI), which adds support for Microsoft 64-bit Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP and .NET framework as well as 64 bit Linux. The MCAPI libraries provide a standardized interface for writing Windows and Linux application programs for our complete line of multi-axis motion control cards. Download it now!

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A graphical and intuitive tool suite for PMC motion controllers

PMC's Motion Integrator™ is a suite of software tools designed to help users connect, configure, tune and troubleshoot PMC motion controllers. The Motion Integrator suite includes Windows wizards and graphical test panels that offer helpful guidance and visual feedback to help PMC customers install their controller, connect their I/O, tune their servos, home their axes and troubleshoot their system.

Get the Flash Wizard
Make quicker and easier firmware upgrades

Get PMC's Flash Wizard™ for hassle-free controller upgrades. Flash Wizard eliminates the need for hardware jumper changes and PC re-boots, and makes upgrading the firmware on your motion controller fast and virtually error-free. The latest version of Flash Wizard adds support for the MultiFlex Series controllers.